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The Basics about Cosmetic Surgery

There are two main branches of plastic surgery and they are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. For cosmetic surgery, the main focus will be to improve on a person’s physical appearance. You can have this done through plastic surgery or by simply going for a simple reconstruction. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is a lot more concerned with the improvement of functions. Though reconstructive surgery can as well deal with needs to improve on one’s appearance, it is not very particular in this interest anyway.

There are other parts of the world where plastic surgery is completely separated from cosmetic surgery. You may as well find the cosmetic surgery as well being referred to as non essential surgery, elective surgery or a surgery which one decides on and plastic surgery is that which will be performed or taken for the improvement on the appearance often result of illness or injury.

Cosmetic surgery is actually not a procedure for all to go for in actual sense. There are actually some things that happen to one’s life which will influence their decision to settle for plastic surgery. Surgeons of some kind will even postpone the actual surgery until the patient is done with psychological counseling first. This is very essential as the procedures will be giving you permanent results and as such the patients must be sure about the end before getting the procedure done. Look at the three most commonly performed surgical procedures.

One of these procedures is known as Tummy tucks or otherwise known as abdominoplasty. This procedure is particularly focusing on the tummy areas and as such is going to get the abdomen reshaped and firmed as well. Excess fat and skin will be taken from the lower and middle abdomen t tighten the fascia and the abdominal wall. It is often a procedure sought by those who have lost so much weight after an illness and as such are suffering from a sagging skin and women after birth. The tummy tuck procedures are well for dealing with the appearance of stretch marks and such are the ones particularly below the navel area.

Rhinoplasty or the nose jobs are the other type of surgery which will be often sought for by many and as such quite common. The name spells the body part on which the procedure is taken-the nose. Rhinoplasty basically aims at improving the appearance of the nose and also improving on its functionality. This surgical procedure is oftentimes best done by those surgeons who have a specialty in the head and neck surgeries with a keener focus on the ear and nose parts who are professionally known as otolaryngologist.

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