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How to get your dog to get inside your dog crate?

Dog crates are useful, it can be your life saving tool in the time of emergency. Having a new puppy or an old adult dog being adopted to your care means that you have just successfully acquired a new family member and the process of them learning the rules of the household will start and the process of adjustment can actually take quite a time. Consistency is something that is important here. It is important to be consistent, repeat the same words always around your dog, do the same gestures, do the same things always around your dog and the dog will learn fast because of your consistency with the words, actions and gestures that you are using and this is great because they will be familiar with what you are doing. Be patient as it is a very important thing to remember around new family members. To lose your patience with your new family members and your dogs is going to take you a while back of training them since dogs don’t like being angered at. It is important to keep in your heads that if you stay calm then the your dog will also stay calm which in turn will actually create a good bond of confidence and trust between the two of you.

Last but not the least is the personality of the dog which is also an important factor. Dogs have different learning processes and this can affect their ways of learning how to get used to dog crates. Introducing your dog to a dog crate. Start by bringing the dog crate to the room that you always spend time in. Firstly put a soft blanket inside, get a hold of the dog crate door and sit down beside the dog crate so that the dog would be persuaded to get into. After all the introduction of the dog crate to your dog and he or she starts getting out on his or her own then you should start feeding her inside. Now we are off to lengthening the time that your dog puts in his dog crate. After he is already taking his meals inside then we should start by lengthening his time inside of the crate through just simply putting him inside and leaving and opening the crate a short after and it is important to keep in mind that if he is noisy and loud then don’t open it if he is quiet then start to open it up.

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